2016-02-25 23:34 GMT+01:00 Milos Rancic <mill...@gmail.com>:

> I stopped responding to other emails because the significance of this
> moment is so large, that we have now we didn't have since the
> beginnings of Wikipedia.
> We've got the chance to rebuild the movement.

I was about to write something like this, lots of ideas are arising but I
fear most of will be lost in confusion.

> You proved to be capable. Last couple of weeks I read many insightful
> emails from you, WMF employees -- some of them I didn't know at all. I
> heard thoughts I've never heard before on this list. They've been born
> in pain and you mustn't lose them.
> Now you have the opportunity to lead *the* change. You are not anymore
> just the most organized part of the movement, you've just articulated
> yourself as capable to make the change you want to.
Working at WMF implies two kind of expectations: ...money! (Job -> salary,
simply!) but also a lot of moral/ethical expectations. What went wrong with
a stricter management were those expectations being frustrated. There's a
certain turnover between the volunteers and the paid staff, which should
never be forgot.

In a future board composition I think a seat (maybe non voting) for
employees could avoid (or at least warn against) catastrophic failures in

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