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> On 2/26/16 10:39 AM, GorillaWarfare wrote:
> > frankly, Vibber's communications with the Wikimedia community outside of
> > the Foundation have far surpassed yours in clarity and transparency. I
> hope
> > that you will improve upon your messaging, but I would like clear
> > reassurance that you realize this is necessary.
> Yes, this is necessary.  I'm continuing to push for more disclosure and
> more openness.

Who's resisting?

> In particular, as I have been reflecting on all this, I realized that I
> was much closer to Sue and much more involved in her "on boarding" and
> learning about our culture.  I think I failed Lila in this regard - we
> talked from time to time, but I didn't do enough to help her understand.

Don't beat yourself up over it.  Unlike the days of Sue's onboarding, when
Lila came in there was an abundance of experienced staff with significant
community experience to help immerse her in the culture and to continually
offer advice, guidance, or point out pitfalls.  This was readily and
repeatedly on offer.  It was repeatedly rejected outright, and occasionally
heard out and ignored, apparently without rationale.  (I think it's
absolutely fine, of course, to hear out the advice or perspective of
experienced staff and to decide to act otherwise, with rationale -- even if
not stated explicitly.)  I can supply concrete examples, but at this point,
it is done, and it would be better to focus on principles and on rebuilding.

> I can't speak for Lila, nor should I try.  But I know that for people
> new to our world, it's really quite confusing.  You hear a lot of voices
> and if you've been around for long enough, you get to know which ones
> are important and which ones are going to complain no matter what, with
> little substance.  If you listen to those who are going to complain no
> matter what, you can end up fearful and burned by communication.  If you
> don't listen to those who are only going to complain when it matters,
> you'll miss important things.  Knowing the difference is... well...
> ambiguous even in the best of times.

That's certainly true.  But again: help with that was available.  It was

> So to go back to your question - what can be gained from my visit to San
> Francisco... it's only for a few days, but it will be followed by more
> visits in the coming months.  And part of what I want to do is get a
> better understanding of the specific concerns that serious people have,
> so that I can be more helpful to whoever ends up being the interim ED,
> and whoever ends up being our next permanent ED.

Excellent.  I encourage all my colleagues to make the most of this
opportunity.  I think it would be ideal if, in addition to allow people who
strongly prefer that to meet with him 1:1, we strive to meet with Jimmy as
teams or otherwise as groups, both to optimize time and make sure almost
everyone can be heard, and to create multi-perspective conversations
accompanied by note-taking.

I look forward to seeing you here soon, Jimmy.

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