Thanks for considering being the interim CEO Jimmy.

Your visit sounds useful, especially "I want to better understand the
outlines of what staff want from their next ED, so that information
can be used to help guide the search." Fortunate for the trustees who
are less proactive, that they can rely on your visionary guidance at
this time, and that you can take questions and speak on their behalf.

I hope you will be able to address nagging concerns about your
personal support for keeping the search project a secret last year,
and your conflict of loyalties during that process, shortly after your
visit. No doubt you will be able to apply your excellent communication
skills when engaging with the community to ensure the process stays on
your preferred path.[1]

I look forward to the feedback from your visit being posted, Asaf's
process sounds like it would be a great opportunity for airing the
issues and getting the important ones down in black and white. With
this banked, we may all be able to move towards a common understanding
of true deep root causes and how they can shifted.


Writing as a committed Wikimedian with no possible conflicts of interest,

On 26 February 2016 at 20:02, Jimmy Wales <> wrote:
> On 2/26/16 3:46 PM, Theo10011 wrote:
>> Hmm. I wonder if Jimmy is going to be named the interim boss....someone has
>> to be.
> No, that isn't going to happen.  There has been some staff and board
> advocacy of it - the idea has been floated - but although I took the
> idea seriously enough to think about it, I can see that it would not be
> the best thing.  Day to day management is not where I can best add value
> - never has been.
> --Jimbo

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