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> Still, my list is very much influenced by what I
> have heard from staff, board, etc. over many months -- so it's not like
> your seat is getting cold without you. :)

My seat without me in it would be the very definition of it getting cold
without me in it, not to be glib. Your presumptions are starting to be

I am a person. I am a Wikimedian on my own,[0] apart from my role in my
signature line.

I think what we need to *first* do is stop pigeonholing individuals, and
then presuming to know their opinions based on said hole placement, which
was the point of my initial email: do not presume to know what those who
are not speaking right now are thinking, and wait to hear from them. But I
guess you're missing the point.

I know you're going to say that's not what you're intending to do, but it's
exactly what you're saying.

Slow down. There are plenty of leaders with thoughts in this movement, give
everyone space.


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