On 27 February 2016 at 11:33, Craig Franklin <cfrank...@halonetwork.net> wrote:
> While it's nice to think that everyone might be able to kiss and make up,
> the trustees (particularly Jimmy) and James have been mauling each other
> politely in public for the best part of two months.  I don't think it's
> realistic to expect that everything can just go back to the way it was, and
> expect that the BoT would function properly again with James back in
> place.  Keeping in mind his former position as a community selected trustee
> has already been filled with Maria Sefidari, at any rate.

Correction: Maria Sefidari was a "candidate for community selection",
she was not selected by the community but appointed using an post
election invented procedure for political convenience. If Maria wishes
to become a community selected board member she would need to *win an
election*, until that time she is in reality an appointed member.

I hope that Maria will run for a proper election at the earliest
opportunity. She was a good candidate and would be a better
representative if correctly elected.

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