On 2/26/16 9:17 PM, Fæ wrote:
> I hope you will be able to address nagging concerns about your
> personal support for keeping the search project a secret last year,

Sure - I never supported keeping the proposed and approved work on
Discovery and Search secret last year at all.  I don't know of anyone
who did.  The failure to sufficiently disclose happened, but it was not
a point that was discussed at the board level to my knowledge.  I don't
know of any board members, past or present, who think or thought that
such things should be kept from the community.

It is my longstanding and continued position that the Foundation should
be as open as legally possible with only a very limited degree of
non-disclosure, mostly around legal matters and around employee matters.
 There are a few other examples, too, like price negotiations with
vendors, and so on like that.  With regard to our long term strategy, I
continue to strongly support that everything should not only be
disclosed to the community, but that it makes no sense for it to be in
conflict with the community, and that very often it should be led by the
community in consultation with the Foundation.

> and your conflict of loyalties during that process, shortly after your
> visit. 

I did not have any conflict of loyalties during that process.  Spending
a reasonable portion of our IT budget on an ambitious project to improve
search and discovery, and to conduct research and community consultation
on that, is a great idea for Wikipedia and for the broader Wikimedia
movement and I strongly support it.

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