It's good to read you here and on WW. I think you're raising
legitimate points that others have also sought progress on. I would
just suggest one thing. Right now the Wikimedia Foundation is going
through an ED transition, impacting nearly 300 staff members most
immediately. The Board's primary responsibility at this point is to
identify interim leadership, set that person up for success, and renew
the Board's bridge to the staff. Painful as the situation with James
Heilman is, it is legitimate to address it later, in a professional
and civil manner.

I would encourage James, Jimmy, Denny and others similarly to not
shoot from the hip at this time. I know something about shooting from
the hip, and it rarely moves things forward positively. ;-) This
dispute may need a facilitator and a quiet, generous conversation to
be settled amicably. Given that Dariusz voted to retain James, I trust
James hasn't done anything so dastardly that this cannot be done.

Everyone has had an incredibly long week. I am sure
everyone--including Board members, who are all volunteers with other
obligations--is still stressed right now about what's to come. People
don't make the best decisions when they are too stressed, too tired,
too busy. It's important that the Board is given some space to focus,
to move forward one step at a time.

I concur with your call for greater transparency and involvement of
the Board in meaningful conversations with staff and volunteers. I
also think other steps of Board reform, including better training for
Board members, ought to be considered. I would love to hear more from
recently appointed Board members like Guy and Kelly, to understand
their perspective on the last few months. But all in due time.



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