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> B) Another way would be to use securepoll to (s)elect a number of people in
> a specific country by active editors in that country to accept certain
> representative roles, for example in two way communication between
> foundation and community about technology changes, but also to oversee
> processes to recruit new editors and onboard them. I imagine a (s)election
> process like the (s)election of community (s)elected BoT members, however
> with voters restricted to editors who are active in that country based on
> geo-ip. Maybe some countries are so big, that it would be wiser to do this
> at state level.
yup, that's effectively the idea of volunteer community liaisons
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pundit/liaisons>, I've been trying to
discuss for a while (in Mexico, Luis was quite receptive, but
understandably in the following months the idea did not receive the highest

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