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> The original vision for Wikia was as a "Google-killer" open search

engine, so it would seem highly prudent for Jimmy to have declared

a conflict of interest and avoided WMF board discussions and votes

in relation to new development projects around open Knowledge

Engines / Search Engines.

Um, what? The vision for Wikia (then called Wikicities) was a wiki hosting
provider for small communities. See e.g. [1]. (And also, I suppose, to
capture the ad money that could not be captured on Wikipedia, and put it
into MediaWiki development. Today the contributions to MediaWiki from Wikia
are dwarfed by those from Wikimedia but that wasn't always so.)

Search Wikia was a (short-lived and thoroughly unsuccessful) experiment to
create a community of search engine developers and come up with an
open-source, transparent, community-curated Google-competitor. Which was a
nice idea, if unrealistic, and IMO more likely to end up in a new
Wikipedia-style thing than anything profitable to Wikia, given that there
was no lock-in. I'm not even sure if Wikia the company was involved in it
in any significant way, apart from providing the wiki used for discussion
and creating some media attention.

[1] http://www.sptimes.com/2005/04/04/Technology/Global_villages_conve.shtml
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