Per these questions:

1. When James was made to leave, then did anyone tell him that there was
going to be a joint or prepared statement from the WMF?

No one before I left the meeting suggested we come out with a joint
statement or that we prepare a joint statement.

2. If so, did anyone ask James not to email the mailing list? And why did
you feel that was so inappropriate?

No one requested I not announce my removal. Let me repost my removal
message here "On Dec 28th 2015 I was removed from the board of the
Wikimedia Foundation. Many thanks to all those who gave me their support
during the last election. I have worked in the last six month to honor the
trust placed in me by advocating for our values, communities, and

I find it strange that this message is deemed controversial. I would
consider that me pretending that I was still on the board of the WMF for a
few weeks until the board could come out with a statement even when I was
not on the board to be dishonest. I am not sure if that is what Jimmy Wales
wanted but it was not an option.

Finally facts are not determined by a vote. That you got unanimity for "The
board.. has offered no objections to any board member discussing long term
strategy with the community at any time" should make all of us worry. I
have provided evidence that refutes this claim here

James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

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