Derek, et al

I was not attacking Katy in any way.

I have now read Maggie's response (which I thank her for making), and
whilst from that response it may appear Katy is the best person for the
job, I still question what this "new, open approach" to recruitment at the
WMF entails...

Internal promotions with no advertizing and no interviews, etc indicates to
me there is no "new, open approach" to recruitment at the WMF. It certainly
would appear that this "new, open approach" that was touted by Lila has yet
to filter down to the wider WMF structures from the ED's office, or from
Boryana Dineva's office. Or were we being sold buzz words with no substance?

It is, of course, the WMF's right to do what it wants in terms of
recruiting and promotions but for all too long the WMF has been seen to be
an organization which favors insiders for recruitment needs.

It would have been good to see Katy sit in this position on a temporary
basis whilst a full open recruitment process was carried out...Wikimedia is
NOT the only community-driven organization out there, and for such an
important position as "Director" the WMF does itself a disservice not to
advertize for as many suitable applicants at possible.

Is Katy a good recommendation for the job as Director of Community
Resources? Sure. Is she the best person for the job? Only a fully
transparent approach to recruitment could possibly ascertain that.

It would still be great to get some words from WMF recruitment, or whatever
fanciful name they call themselves these days, on such issues.

Is Boryana Dineva back from leave yet? Perhaps she could address this "new,
open approach" to recruitment for us?

Kind regards,

Ruslan Takayev

On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 10:31 PM, Derek V.Giroulle <> wrote:

> Asaf ,
> First of all, by your definition of censorship then I must consider that
> my reaction to
> ruslanś message was censored, what makes ruslanś message  immune for
> censorship that
> my reaction doesn't qualify for ?
> so I reduced my criticism to the quote you made in the message below
> Some of the _questions_ ruslan asked certainly were legitimate, also by my
> standards
> but i was not talking about his _questions_ ... i was criticizing some of
> his "_statements_"
> and "_remarks_",  the implied comments had personal implications and thus
> were directed
> at Katy  and that was what I qualified as disrespectful of a valuable
> person.
> Ruslanś _remarks_  were imho not questioning the WMF decisions or the
> selection/decision proces,
> he was attacking the outcome ... I read that in Maggieś response also
> Derek
> On 27-02-16 21:37, Asaf Bartov wrote:
>> On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 9:45 AM, Derek V.Giroulle <
>>> wrote:
>> I'm very sorry that  Ruslan Takayev's message got through the moderation
>>> IMHO his  statement and remarks  are not respectful
>>> I strongly disagree, Derek.  That would have been outright censorship.
>> Ruslan asked a perfectly legitimate and useful question; Maggie thought so
>> too, and provided a clear and informative response, which has the added
>> benefit of answering it for other people who may have had the same
>> question
>> as Ruslan but didn't express it.
>> Questioning WMF decisions, particularly with reference to our principles
>> or
>> to previous stated positions, is certainly appropriate and legitimate, and
>> does not constitute disrespect.
>>      A.
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