On 3 Mar 2016, at 3:45 AM, Pete Forsyth <petefors...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The message below went without response on the list, but there was a
> significant off-list response.
> Jimmy Wales wrote to James Heilman, and CC'd me. His message professed to
> praise this one, but missed its main points:
> * There was no mention of professional mediation or facilitation to work
> through disagreements
> * Jimmy Wales had *even worse* things to say about James Heilman than he
> has said in public.
> I won't repeat those words on a public list, but I am unimpressed with the
> tactic of moving personal attacks off list. Jimmy's message was sent 48
> hours ago, and I immediately told him the things I've said here, but there
> has been no response.
> We should not use off-list messages to convey thoughts that would be
> completely unacceptable if said in public. I don't want to be involved in
> stuff like that -- and I'd much rather it didn't happen to begin with.
> -Pete
> [[User:Peteforsyth]]

If you didn’t solicit the email then I think you should make it public, and 
redact anything that might be dangerous to someone’s personal privacy. 

This is surprising and frankly very upsetting to hear. I have been critical of 
the WMF, and I have openly criticized actions that Jimmy has taken in public. 
But I never thought that I’d read that he’d send off-list messages disparaging 

It’s even worse than that actually - I’m assuming he stated things that he 
believes James did as a Board member, but said it to a non-Board member. I seem 
to recall a certain WMF Board member saying that he felt he couldn’t support 
James because he felt that he might not keep his issue confidential.

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