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> So I would like to hear from Susanna how easy it would be for her to
> disobey direct instructions from her superiors related to her Wikimedia
> volunteer work, because *they* are clearly taking a keen interest in the
> development of Wikimedia projects in Armenia.

Need I remind you that it was a french wikipedian (Rémi Mathis) that
was threatened with arrest over the "Station hertzienne militaire de
Pierre-sur-Haute" article?

Your obsession with political leaders suggests a poor understanding of
potential threats. For people at the top of the system to go after
someone several levels down would make them look foolish. For
intelligence agencies I doubt there is one on the planet that hasn't
applied some thought to the matter. Threats of arrest are of course
crude but always an option. Blackmail, bribery, threats to employment
(lets face it how many of us work for a company without some
government contracts) even difficulties with boarder control or a
sudden tax audit. There are so many options.

Unless you are going to demand a board composed entirely of
independently wealthy individuals with no family or social ties to any
given countries and with assets and wealth sufficiently diversified to
make seizure and freezes ineffectively then you are going to have to
accept that the board (and admins for that matter) is always going to
be vulnerable to state level actors.

> There is another matter I would like to ask Susanna about.

So why haven't you?


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