Hi all,
short update, as announced by Patricio:

Our organization needs stability, it needs a chance to rest for a moment
and to move on with the things that matter at the same time. That’s why the
Board  is aiming for a quick decision about the interim ED.

If you want to make a difference you need to act differently.

We know that our C-level team is doing a great job in managing the
day-to-day-operations and they all have a deep understandning of our
culture, challenges and needs. Who, if not them, knows better what is best
for the organization in this moment. The Board is not best suited to make a
decision about the interim which can quickly be established and accepted in
this situation.

Therefor the board empowers the entire C-level-team to come up with a
solution for the interim question. We leave it up to them how that
decisions looks like. We trust them to think traditional or outside of the
box as it fits to our organization, the Wikimedia Foundation. The
C-level-team needs some time to deliberate and decide. They will present
their result to the board which has to vote on it. We plan to finalize
until the end of next week.


Alice Wiegand
Board of Trustees
Wikimedia Foundation

Alice Wiegand
Board of Trustees
Wikimedia Foundation

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