There's less weakness in admitting a failure honestly, retreating and
regrouping, than in powering through when knowing oneself unprepared.

-- brion
On Mar 4, 2016 7:07 PM, "MZMcBride" <> wrote:

> Alice Wiegand wrote:
> >We know that our C-level team is doing a great job in managing the
> >day-to-day-operations and they all have a deep understandning of our
> >culture, challenges and needs. Who, if not them, knows better what is best
> >for the organization in this moment. The Board is not best suited to make
> >a decision about the interim which can quickly be established and accepted
> >in this situation.
> >
> >Therefor the board empowers the entire C-level-team to come up with a
> >solution for the interim question. We leave it up to them how that
> >decisions looks like. We trust them to think traditional or outside of the
> >box as it fits to our organization, the Wikimedia Foundation. The
> >C-level-team needs some time to deliberate and decide. They will present
> >their result to the board which has to vote on it. We plan to finalize
> >until the end of next week.
> Current Wikimedia Foundation "C-levels" based on
> <>:
> * Lila Tretikov, Executive Director
> * Wes Moran, Vice President of Product
> * [vacant], Chief Technology Officer
> * Maggie Dennis, Senior Director of Community Engagement (Interim)
> * Lisa Seitz-Gruwell, Chief Advancement Officer
> * Geoff Brigham, General Counsel
> * Katherine Maher, Chief Communications Officer
> * Jaime Villagomez, Chief Financial Officer
> * Joady Lohr, Vice President of Human Resources (Interim)
> Does the "C-level team" in this context include Lila and/or the interims?
> My vote is for Geoff Brigham. There's precedent for the General Counsel to
> be interim Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, of course. And
> Geoff has been around long enough and is trusted to be a good steward of
> the Wikimedia Foundation. I don't think an outsider would be a good idea.
> I don't see it as a sign of strength to abdicate your responsibility in
> this way. This action makes the Board of Trustees, already perceived as
> being weak, look even weaker, out-of-touch, and unprepared. You've known
> about general discontent with the Executive Director since November 2015
> and you really weren't able, by March 2016, to figure out who would serve
> as interim Executive Director? This is almost derelict behavior.
> I don't think anyone demands perfection from members of the Board of
> Trustees, but it is an actual commitment to an organization that has a
> very large budget and a large number of staff operating a fairly important
> set of Web properties. The fact that nine adults really didn't think
> through the consequences of "what comes next after the current Executive
> Director?" in order to come prepared with an answer to the most obvious
> question ("who will be the interim?") is pretty embarrassing and sad.
> MZMcBride
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