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> On 5 Mar 2016, at 1:14 PM, Alice Wiegand <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> short update, as announced by Patricio:
> Our organization needs stability, it needs a chance to rest for a moment and 
> to move on with the things that matter at the same time. That’s why the Board 
>  is aiming for a quick decision about the interim ED.
> If you want to make a difference you need to act differently.
> We know that our C-level team is doing a great job in managing the 
> day-to-day-operations and they all have a deep understandning of our
> culture, challenges and needs. Who, if not them, knows better what is best 
> for the organization in this moment. The Board is not best suited to make a 
> decision about the interim which can quickly be established and accepted in
> this situation.

You might want to rewrite the Board manual then because it current reads, under 
the section The Role of the Board, Effective Board Oversight:

> In it's decision making capacity, the Board should:
> * Select, evaluate and (if necessary) remove the Executive Director; 

Whilst I'm sure that C-level managers are up to the task, that's rather 
abrogating the responsibility of the Board. 

I'm wondering how long till other responsibilities of the Board will be moved 
to C level managers.

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