On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 7:29 PM, Oliver Keyes <ironho...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I've been in the Wikimedia movement for over a decade now. I've seen
> Wikimedia-l. I've seen internal-l. I've had death and sexual assault
> threats show up in my inbox.

​Me too.

> And this, /this/, is genuinely the most
> horrified I've ever been by any message I've seen yet.
Nope. I've read worse from you, Oliver.

> This email is not a good faith email. it is not, despite the
> neutrality of its language, a civil email. It's the kind of blinkered,
> detached, ultrarationalist gaslighting[0] I associate with people in
> LessWrong.[1]
> No assumption of good faith. No discussion of the issues. No admission
> that different people can legitimately and normally interpret things
> in different ways. The framing of things so that the options are that
> James is a liar, stupid, or suffering from PTSD. Whether deliberately
> or not, it is deeply manipulative and frames the entire discussion
> with assertions that James is disconnected from reality.
​Many of the active posters write like this to this very public list on a
daily basis, and it is quite hurtful to many people. Much more hurtful than
this private email.

But whatever, let's open up yet another thread for people to go after each

Brilliant move, you civilized people.



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