Indeed George I agree with everything you have said about the internal effects 
of lack of transparency and openness.  Assuming I and other board members who 
continue to press for full openness about the James situation  are eventually 
successful this will all become more clear.

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> On Mar 10, 2016, at 1:25 AM, Jimmy Wales <> wrote:
> ...
> Those ideas never got traction
> and never made it to the board level. ...

I don't think you are lying or being deceptive, but it seems apparent in the 
various half-explanations that it did, to James, who either got mangled 
explanations and assumed worse or heard worse from someone incorrectly.  Thence 
to mistrust.

Assuming nobody is evil or insane, we have clear evidence and now open 
admissions of communications breakdowns at several levels and confused, 
contradictory explanations about who thought what secrecy was required and why.

It seems like those fed upon each other into misunderstandings and mistrust.

Have you not considered that lack of transparency and openness would have the 
same internal effect as external?

George William Herbert
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