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> On 11 Mar 2016, at 9:24 AM, Leila Zia <> wrote:
> ‚ÄčIf you see that you don't have a healthy line of communication with Jimmy,
> you may want to consider not communicating with him at all. Initiating
> and/or participating in conversations about someone when you cannot have a
> healthy conversation with that person won't be beneficial. You will end up
> being in a position that you cannot improve things between the two of you,
> but you will have extra information that you will feel burdened to share
> with others.

That's pretty unfair. It was Jimmy who initiated this off list correspondence 
with James and Peter. He didn't ask Peter if he wanted to be a mediator, and I 
think Peter's response makes that clear. In fact, saying that Peter was an 
active participant in this discussion off list is totally inaccurate. As you 
can see from the response that Peter provided to Jimmy (which he has shared 
with us now), Peter has taken great pains to make it clear he doesn't want to 
be involved in direct correspondence on this issue and he wants any discussion 
he takes part in to be in public.

Basically, whilst I respect your views on this situation, in my view the email 
you are directing to Peter is better directed to Jimmy.

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