You asked the WMF to fund and commission translations for the election.

I am not the WMF and do not know what they might think, but I wanted to
carry on the conversation. One part of your concern that I would like to
address is pricing. You suggested that for a small amount of money,
translation could be done of election writings. You say, "If WMF refuses, I
am going to use my own money [5], it costs 150 UAH (around 6 USD) to have a
page translated".

The active Wikipedia community needs perhaps 10-25 languages, and maybe we
could select 15. If we hired a translation service for this amount of text
and that many languages, the cost I would expect is not less than USD
$75,000. I think that if we discuss your request, we should begin by
imagining it as a request for $75,000 to go to a translation company. I am
not sure why you mentioned a $6 price. This would not be inexpensive.

Can you please clarify how much money you are proposing be spent on


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