I'm very pleased to announce that we've updated the Wikipedia.org
<http://wikipedia.org/> portal page with a brand new search box that is
more prominent and will now display meta data with images (as available) in
the search results (link

This was a large effort by the Discovery Portal team to develop a
JavaScript-only version of the language picker, so that JavaScript enabled
browsers will see all the new meta data. Alongside that effort, we also
ensured that in JavaScript (JS) disabled browsers (or older Internet
Explorer versions), our visitors won't have a bad experience when choosing
a language to search in. (Note 1: in older IE versions and JS disabled
browsers, the type-ahead and meta data search results information will not
be displayed.)

We also implemented a shorter language code (ie: EN for English, ES for
Spanish, etc) to allow for more characters to be typed into the search box.
When a user toggles the language selector, the full language name will be
displayed in the dropdown for easy finding of the language you prefer to
search in. For the more technical minded - I've also uploaded, to Commons,
a screenshot
<https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sample_browsers_tested.png> of one
of the ways we test our code, visually.

We're interested in hearing your feedback or if you have any questions! (Note
2: My apologies for not getting this email out yesterday, but I had had
issues with size limitations of my screenshots.)

On behalf of the very happy Wikipedia.org Portal Team,

Deb Tankersley
Product Manager, Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation
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