In late 2015 and early 2016, the Collaboration team worked on building a
cross-wiki notification feature: listing notifications from other wikis in
the notification panel. We made this feature available on a small set of
wikis [1] initially, and about six hours ago we made it available on all
wikis as a beta feature.

You can enable cross-wiki notifications by clicking the "Beta" link [2] in
the top right corner (or top left in RTL languages) and enabling the
"Enhanced notifications" setting. The notification panels (accessible
through the bell and speech bubble icons in the top right/left corner) will
now display an additional item telling you which other wikis you have
unread notifications on, and you can click this item to expand it and see
those notifications [3]. For more information, see the documentation on [4], with mostly complete translations in 13 languages at the
time of this writing.

Because we don't have cross-wiki preferences, enabling the beta feature on
one wiki doesn't automatically enable it on any other wiki. However, you
only have to enable the beta feature to see cross-wiki notifications on a
wiki, not to get them from that wiki. For example, if you only enable the
beta feature on the French Wikipedia, you will see notifications from the
French Wikisource, the Spanish Wikipedia and the Upper Sorbian Wiktionary
even if you haven't enabled the beta feature on those wikis. In fact, if
you've had an account for a while, you are likely to see some very old
notifications from wikis you haven't visited in years; Magnus Manske
tweeted a screenshot of this yesterday [5].

Please try this out and let us know what you think! There's a talk page on [6] where you can leave feedback. If you find a bug, please
report it on Phabricator [7] or on the feedback page.

Thanks a lot to the Collaboration team [8] as well as community liaisons
Nick Wilson (Quiddity) and BenoƮt Evellin (Trizek) for their work on this
over the past few months.

--Roan Kattouw (User:Catrope)

[1] All French wikis, all Hebrew wikis, Commons, Wikidata and
[2] Or go to [[Special:Preferences]] and click the "Beta features" tab
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