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Being put together by Eliezer Yudkowsky of LessWrong. Content is
cc-by-sa 3.0, don't know about the software.


Rather than the "encyclopedia" approach, it tries to be more
pedagogical, teaching the reader at their level.

The problem of "readers coming in with different levels of background knowledge" is actual. Yet I believe that to elaborate just another (more accessible) level resource, however sticking to the "encyclopedia approach" that proved successful, is good step to answer this issue. That's what we do on Vikidia and Wikikids.nl, and young or not-so-young readers really appreciate it. I don't know if one day these contents will be reused and processed to automatically generate information that would precisely fit to someone's level, yet if it happens once, another material than Wikipedia may help ! The "Wikipedia for children" model works well (in quality, traffic...) in at least two languages. I would say that the current most difficult thing is to "scale" it in other languages. That's where some help would have a big impact, say to produce in a way or another 10 000 important and quality encyclopedia articles for children in some big languages to catch up with the two most developed "Wikipedia for children".

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