Greetings, colleagues!

We are pleased to report that all five organizations that have submitted
Letters of Intent are confirmed as eligible
to submit applications for annual plan grants, pending their continued
compliance with all existing agreements through the duration of their
applications and grants:
*Centre for Internet and Society (CIS)
*Wikimedia Armenia (WMAM)
*Wikim├ędia France (WMFR)
*Wikimedia Italia (WMIT)
*Wikimedia Norge (WMNO)

Wikimedia Italia (WMIT) has withdrawn its application for the coming round,
and the Wikimedia Foundation will also be submitting its annual plan for
review as a part of this round.

Applicants may now create an application by visiting their respective hub
pages <> and following
the instructions listed under Step 3 on each hub page. *We are looking
forward to receiving the applications by the application due date on 1
April 2016*, at which point the international community review period will

Despite the suspicious date, note that this application deadline *is real*

Best regards,

Winifred & Katy

On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 5:18 PM, Winifred Olliff <>

> Dear colleagues:
> Applications for Annual Plan Grants are accepted twice each year and
> assessed by the volunteer Funds Dissemination Committee. Initial
> eligibility has been assessed for the five organizations submitting Letters
> of Intent for 2015-2016 Round 2 of the APG process. 3 of 5 organizations
> are immediately eligible, and 2 may become eligible if gaps are met prior
> to 15 March 2016.
> The following organizations are immediately eligible:
> *Centre for Internet and Society (CIS)
> *Wikimedia Armenia (WMAM)
> *Wikimedia Italia (WMIT)
> The following organization may be eligible:
> *Wikim├ędia France (WMFR)
> *Wikimedia Norge (WMNO)
> If your organization needs to submit documents in order to fill an
> eligibility gap, please notify FDC staff at <>,
> and they will make the appropriate adjustments to this page. *Eligibility
> will be confirmed by 15 March 2016, and applications will be due by 1 April
> 2016.*
> Thanks to the five organizations who submitted letters of intent!
> Sincerely,
> Winifred & Katy
> --
> Winifred Olliff
> Program Officer
> Wikimedia Foundation

Winifred Olliff
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