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On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 12:13 AM Yuri Astrakhan <>

> The quest to bring maps to Wikipedia continues:
> * Kartographer has launched for WikiVoyage
> * Julien Girault will help maps with his UI expertise
> * Talk to us at the FreeNode IRC channel #wikipedia-interactive
> Last week we enabled Kartographer extension for Wikivoyage sites, allowing
> users to add maps to wiki pages without any additional wmflabs and
> JavaScript tricks.  Now you can simply add a <mapframe> or <maplink> to a
> wiki page, or even use the Visual Editor to insert a map. Additionally, you
> can:
> * add markers and polygons visually
> * edit geojson and see how it changes the map on each keystroke
> * add auto-numbered markers (either numbers or letters), and have multiple
> counters
> * have multiple "groups" of markers/polygons and showing them on the same
> map or on separate maps (e.g. all food and all drink maps and one combined
> map)
> * markers can be of any color, 3 sizes, and contain many different icons
> * markers and polygons can be clicked and will show popups with wiki text
> and images
> * very fast full screen popup map
> Feedback:
> Bugs & TODOs:
> All maps-related tasks:
> == What's next? ==
> There will be plenty of cleanup and polishing work to make Kartographer
> work seamlessly. We will need to address the missing functionality reported
> to us by the community, and help migrate existing wmflabs-based maps to the
> new platform. Lastly, VE editing will need some more work to become
> indispensable.
> Yet, our site is still set on the bigger target - maps for all of
> Wikipedia. For that we are waiting for more hardware, plus we will need to
> improve our static maps service to be able to handle wiki-load.
> Hardware task:
> Thank you Max Semenik, Ed Sanders, Alex Kosiaris, Brandon Black, Chris
> Koerner, Chris Steipp, Tomasz Finc, and Wes Moran for making this possible.
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