This is not he only case where I lately have observed a tendency to use words which is more or less unintelligent for non-English speaking people.

The phrase "Inspire Campaign on content curation & review" includes a number of complicated words. I commented upon this [1] to Jethro who only stated these were correct words, seemingly uninterested the effect on reders of using those type of words. And now this message has started to occurs in a banner, where a Swede has made an extremely bad translation making it even more unintelligent. Our village pump is full of people very upset of this, also as we usually do not translate banner messages. In our discussion it has been put forward these messages has done more harm to the brand then any of the problems lately around WMF and BoT (these entities are rather vaguely known her)

And I expect most do as I, just refuse to take in any message from WMF, not seeing they are interested to communicate with us (or get input from us), only enwp



Den 2016-03-16 kl. 05:40, skrev John Mark Vandenberg:
On 16 Mar 2016 07:07, "Moushira Elamrawy" <> wrote:
Hello Fae,

Ideation phase [0], is a term widely used in product and design context.
Now, I see your point around how volunteers who are not related to these
fields, might not be familiar with it. Possibly something like, idea
generation, or brainstorming could have replaced it.

I am not sure though if the factors that you have listed are relevant; I
think it is a matter of using a word in a certain context where it
fits, without realizing how a broader audience would perceive it.

In any case, thanks for the note :-)

That is a woeful article, for a useless word with no fixed meaning. As far
as I can tell the component all usages agree on is "thinking" is involved.
See the many comments on the talk page.

A good test for whether a word should be used in communications to a wide
audience is how widely translated a Wikipedia article is. If it would be
translated to a different concept in other languages, it isn't a good
concept for this type of communication.

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