Il 21/03/2016 13:14, Marc A. Pelletier ha scritto:
On 2016-03-21 8:03 AM, Ricordisamoa wrote:
As in [1] I'd like to know whether the use of Shopify is acceptable for a FOSS-friendly organization. Thanks in advance.

While Shopify isn't FLOSS-only, they're a fairly okay place that does contribute to FLOSS themselves (mostly in the Ruby and Go worlds, that intersect very little with our own tech).

I don't think it's reasonable to expect that every external supplier is all-FLOSS. For one, the movement would be pretty much stuck without hardware, networking gear, and power at the very least. Not every service/provider even *have* pure-FLOSS alternative - let alone good or even adequate ones.

-- Coren / Marc

My concern was about the (likely proprietary) JavaScript that is run on the customers' devices, but it turns out that it isn't actually required to browse and purchase?
And yes, it'd be nice if the server side was under WMF's control too!

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