Le 22/03/2016 07:04, James Salsman a écrit :
>> >... as far as I know, high-end networking hardware is not
>> > available with Libre OSes
> Are the FreeBSD-based pfSense C2758 series in the Foundation's throughput 
> tier?
> https://www.pfsense.org/products/product-family.html#c2758
> https://portal.pfsense.org/docs/manuals/c2758/system-specification.html
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PfSense
> What are the current Foundation throughput bandwidth requirements?

I would not qualify the PfSense product as high-end. It is basically a
PC with packet management handled at the software layer.  Wikimedia does
not have FreeBSD systems AFAIK and the operations people dealing with
networking would need a training for PfSense.

From wikitech, ones can get a list of hardware routers and switches
being used:

They are Juniper, a leader in networking equipments (another is Cisco).
Its operating system administration commands are well known by network
engineers around the world. That makes it easier to enroll new network

According to the wikitech page, the routers are MX80 and MX480 and
switches EX4200 / EX4550.  They come with integrated circuits to deal
with packets, ie it is a hardware chip dealing with packets and network
flow. That makes them order of magnitude faster.   The Juniper operating
system is BSD based and comes with a wide range of features that are
imho unmatched in the Libre world.

I understand the idea behind pushing for 100% FOSS, but that should not
be a goal of the foundation.  As long as the projects can be cloned and
rebuild based on FOSS, I think it is good enough.

Surely, I don't see the Foundation asking for buildings plans to be
under a creative common or forbid use of Mac OS, Windows or iPhone ?
That is really a different goal than sharing knowledge.

Antoine "hashar" Musso

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