Hi everyone,

WMF's Community Tech team is starting to work on a Cross-wiki watchlist,
one of the top 10 wishes in the Community Wishlist Survey that we conducted
at the end of last year. [1]

We're running a survey on how people use their watchlists, to help inform
our work. If you've got a minute and want to share your thoughts, here's
the survey link:


The survey's hosted on a third-party service. We'll be running the survey
for about a week, and once it's closed, we'll publish aggregated results on
Meta.[2] Feel free to pass the link on, if you'd like to.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Danny Horn

Product Manager, WMF Community Tech

[1] Info on the Community Wishlist Survey:

Info on the Cross-wiki watchlist project:

[2] Survey Privacy Statement:
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