Hello everyone,

let me briefly introduce myself since I'm new on this list: My name is
Katharina Nocun, but I prefer to go by my nickname Katta/kattascha. I
just joined WMDE as Project Manager for (Online-) Campaigns.

Why am I writing on this list? WMDE is currently exploring ways how to
improve the attracting and “onboarding” process for new editors.[1] We
do not want to reinvent the wheel and know that there already have been
awesome initiatives in our movement. We are at most interested in
projects or findings that can be transfered to the German context and
are scalable to large numbers of potential editors/new editors. We know
that initiatives such as the research conducted by the former Growth
Team at WMF or the current MOOC-campaign run by the community in France
provide important empirical values and some lessons-learned.

So here's my question: Do you have any information on successful (or
failed) projects that were already applied somewhere in our movement
 that managed to attract new users and are as well transferable and
scalable? Or do you know any interesting research documents or tests
that provide meaningful insights for us? Then please let me know. I
think we all can benefit from an exchange of current or past campaigns
and initiatives. We will as well share with pleasure the insights of our
coming activities in this area.




Katharina Nocun
Project Manager (Online-) Campaigns

Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. | Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30-219 15 826-0

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