A flag waive for this handy cross-project report highlighting when
'newbies' have overwritten a photograph of a living person or someone
recently deceased. Technical problems caused the report to be offline
for several months, it is back though running slightly less
frequently. The live report gives a convenient way of spotting
potential image vandalism such as "revenge porn" attacks, which are
not currently highlighted using standard anti-vandalism or article
patrol tools on Wikipedia or Commons. Future improvements under
discussion for general watchlists may give us more local options.

The report is targeted at Commons hosted images used by the English
Wikipedia, but if non-English projects have experienced this type of
vandalism and would like a similar tool, please feel free to approach
me on Commons and I'll take a look at the possibility.


On 12 March 2015 at 18:50, Fæ <> wrote:
> A quick reminder about this report which helps vandalism patrollers
> for the English Wikipedia spot when images used in Wikipedia
> biographies are being overwritten by "newbie" accounts. I recommend
> more admins add the report to their watch-list. It is not too much of
> a pest, as in a day it tends to change between 4 to 10 times with
> normally only 1 or 2 new images being added.
> The most active Commons patrollers I have noticed taking action on
> reported images being Denniss and Mattbuck; so hats off to them for
> lots of useful admin work. :-)

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