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[image: Logo Wikimedia Belgium]

*Wikimedia Belgium Newsletter - April 2016*

Please find the newsletter of April 2016 from Wikimedia Belgium below.

The newsletter covers the period of January to March 2016.

Rue du Trône 51
1050 Brussels
Upcoming events

   - *4-16 April 2016:* Writing weeks about the Brussels Capital Region to
   describe this region better on Wikipedia. You are welcome to participate in
   any language Wikipedia you like.   *Read more >>>
   During the writing weeks also writing sessions on location are organised
   and are open to anyone. These are at:

[image: Writing on Wikipedia]

   - *5 April:* library of Koekelberg
   - *6 April:* library of Koekelberg
   - *7 April:* library of Jette
   - *7 April:* library of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
   - *9 April:* Muntpunt library, Brussels
   - *11 April:* library of Koekelberg
   - *12 April:* library of Anderlecht
   - *12 April:* Vrije Universiteit Brussel
   - *13 April:* Vrije Universiteit Brussel
   - *14 April:* library of Jette
   - *14 April:* Vrije Universiteit Brussel

   - *July-August 2016:* Wiki Loves Art
   <> photo contest about
   Belgian art

   - *19-21 August 2016:* WikiConvention francophone in Paris

   - *September 2016:* Wiki Loves Monuments
   <> photo contest about
   cultural heritage sites in Belgium and Luxembourg

Short news

[image: Wikipedia 15 logo]

   - On 15 January 2016 Wikipedia turned 15. With this occasion we got
   multiple press inquiries and media attention in the Belgian press.

   - On 2 February, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, received a
   honoris causa <> from
   the Université catholique de Louvain

   - On 25 February a photography hackathon was organised by the Katholieke
   Universiteit Leuven
   <> and
   Europeana <> at FabLab, where
   WMBE members Stefano Caneva and Derek v. Giroulle gave a presentation about

   - On 28 February a Wikimedia presentation was given at Université
   catholique de Louvain (UCL) for non French native people by M0tty.

[image: Talk at Open Belgium]

   - On 29 February the conference Open Belgium
   <> was organised in Antwerp by
   Open Knowledge Belgium. There two presentations related to Wikimedia were
   given: one about Wiki Loves Art
   <> by Romaine, and one about
   Linked Open Data publications by Flemish museums through Wikidata
   <> by Packed vzw.


[image: New board of Wikimedia Belgium]

On 23 January 2016 Wikimedia Belgium had its annual general assembly. There
the members chose a new board for our association.   *Read more >>>


[image: Wikipedia belongs in education]

The project is ready for launch and pilots in Dutch. The
objective is to have students contribute to Wikipedia in the context of
their classwork.   *Read more >>>

Cultural institutions (GLAM <>) Linked
Open Data through Wikidata

[image: Wikidata editing session for institutions]

Packed vzw started in 2015, with support from Wikimedia and its users, the
project Linked Open Data via Wikidata in what cultural institutions start
working with Wikidata. The project included a white paper being written and
participating organisations having their CSV datasets being added to
Wikidata.   *Read more >>>

Wiki Loves Art

[image: Logo Wiki Loves Art]

Wiki Loves Art is a photo contest about Belgian art in what we invite the
public to take photos of art in participating organisations with an art
collection. The contest takes place during July and August 2016.

In the past weeks we have written an invitation for participating
organisations we slowly start to send out to interested institutions.   *Read
more >>>

Writing weeks Brussels

[image: Map of Brussels Capital Region]

On 4 to 17 April 2016 the writing weeks about Brussels are organised.
During these two weeks anyone is invited to write on Wikipedia about the
Brussels Capital Region in any language you like to have this region better
described on Wikipedia.

In the past weeks we have organised training sessions for library staff of
participating libraries.

In the coming weeks multiple writing sessions on location will be
organised, and you are welcome to join them!   *Read more >>>


[image: Logo of Public Domain Day 2016]
Public Domain Day

On the first day of the year we celebrate Public Domain Day
<> as on this day the
copyrights on many works expire and those works enter into the public domain

On both 16 January and 25 January a Public Domain Day Celebration was
organised in Brussels.   *Read more >>>

Just For The Record

[image: Just For The Record heroines Wikipedia workshop]

Just For The Record is a project addressing how gender is represented in
new media and writing/publishing tools like Wikipedia, and what influence
this has on the way history is recorded. To address gender issues Just for
the record organised a series of events in Brussels.

During these events, observations were taken as the point of departure for
lectures and discussions, followed by an intervention: a crash course in
Wikipedia editing to improve gender neutrality on Wikipedia.   *Read more


[image: Explaining to people what Wikidata is]

On 30-31 January we had a stand at the annual open source conference in
Brussels, FOSDEM <>, with the support
from the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland. During the
conference multiple talks were given about Wikimedia subjects, and many
users from the Wikimedia movement were present.   *Read more >>>
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