2016-04-06 0:57 GMT+02:00 Lilburne <lilbu...@tygers-of-wrath.net>:
> You still haven't got it right. What you can't do is publish a database of
> images for commercial use.
> If I were to go to Sweden take photos of every publicly placed work of art
> and put them on a website
> there wouldn't be an issue. If I were to put them on a website and announce
> that they could be used
> by commercial enterprises for any purpose then I would have a problem.
> Its the creation of a database of images for commercial reuse that is the
> problem.

The decision specifically and repeatedly states that the commercial
aspect is irrelevant, as such a database "typically has a not
insignificant commercial value" – whether the images in this
particular case are or can be used commercially or not. See paragraphs
21 and 23.

//Johan Jönsson

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