> we have absolutely no idea ... about the technological
> stack [or] how much progress was made....

Can anyone think of another way to find out?

> covert HUMINT or surveillance technology

If we publish the code, it's not covert anymore. We all deserve to see the
mentions of Wikipedia which occurred in the SMISC program and
project archives, if we want to protect our readers from whichever
intelligence agencies have hacked Foundation servers.

I selected BOLT and SMISC

because they appeared compatible with Asimov's three laws of robotics, and
did not appear to be harmful. There is one project in there, CSFV which
could be actively harming the Foundation's ability to attract and retain
volunteer editors:

"Crowd Sourced Formal Verification (CSFV) is a DARPA program that aims to
investigate whether large numbers of non-experts can perform formal
verification faster and more cost-effectively than conventional processes.
The goal is to transform verification into a more accessible task by
creating fun, intuitive games that reflect formal verification problems.
Playing the games would effectively help software verification tools
complete corresponding formal verification proofs."

Doesn't that mean that the Foundation has the legal standing to see all
three of those projects published?
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