on the question how much money will go to volunteers next year,
katherine stated that the 2016 grants budget is 5.8 mio, out of 63 mio
[1]. my guess was that between 1 and 2 mio would go to volunteers.

i have a little difficulty to calculate the number. i saw the 2016 fdc
numbers [2], 5.5 mio. WMDE writes that the annual fundraising gives 84
mio usd (i.e. 75 mio eur) [3]. on the grants page i do not see numbers
[4]. the german community budget page does not list numbers. [5]. WMDE
writes that it pays 6 mio a year to WMF [6]. at the same time it gets
1.3 mio via FDC from WMF [7]. there is some indication about money to
volunteers in the FDC split up from WMDE [8].

my guess was that 0.5 mio usd are support for wikimania travel
including funds to make wikimania cheaper in genaral, and 0.5-1.5 mio
via various community projects (e.g. the one of WMDE), individual
engagement grants to volunteers, summing up to <2 mio usd a year
beeing paid to cover volunteers expenses.

can somebody please chime in here with better guesses, or real
numbers, maybe directly at [1]?

[3] https://wikimedia.de/wiki/Factsheet#Daten.2C_Zahlen.2C_Fakten
[4] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Start
[5] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Community-Budget
[6] https://www.wikimedia.de/w/images.homepage/a/ad/Wmde_jb_2014_engl_web_RZ.pdf


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