Ironholds, I think that you're taking a negative interpretation. It seems
to me that any ED candidate is going to want to know what they're getting
into before agreeing to take the job, and if forks are on the horizon --
whether planned or only under consideration -- then this is something that
they should know about. It also seems to me that the target skill set and
experience that WMF is seeking should take these issues into consideration.
This can be done with less disruption at this stage than might first appear
(and as I think further about this issue I would in hindsight revise some
of my earlier statements for better alignment with the existing timeline
and thought process of the search committee), and it seems to me that it's
wise to think ahead now, while the search committee is actively interested
in comments about plans and can make adjustments most easily.

Andy, as far as I know there have been periodic mentions of this idea off
and on for years, but I'm unaware if the WMF Board is actively pondering
this issue. At this point I'm not thinking that it's necessary to make a
final decision about moving forward with a forking process, so much as it's
necessary that if a fork is likely to happen or likely to be seriously
considered any time in the near future then this issue should be under
consideration both by the search committee and by the ED candidates. I'm
revising my thinking as we continue this conversation and I appreciate the

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