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> My reading of that is Jimmy supported her "departure" with sadness.
> i.e. he avoids indicating how the departure occurred; neither dismissal nor
> resignation.
> No doubt that type of phrasing is in the HR handbook for situations like
> this, to avoid pain or legal disputes after the fact.
> Thank you Craig for nipping this one in the bud.

Craig gave the right link. Here's the exact exchange.

Gorillawarfare: I would love to know whether you supported Lila Tretikov's 
departure. It is clear that she did not up and resign on her own, and I would 
like to know if you were one of the folks who thought her departure would be 
beneficial, or if you preferred she "weather the storm," so to speak.

Jimbo Wales: I supported it with sadness.  The whole thing is a sad train wreck.

Yeah, it's accurate no-one says the word "dismissal." That was my 
interpretation of it based on recollection, I wasn't trying to introduce a new 
concept to anything.

I don't understand why we're walking on eggshells really. Jimbo "supported her 
departure with sadness." It seems pretty clear he's not referring to getting 
misty-eyed over cake at Lila's farewell party. He did something. He's not 
quarreling with Gorillawarfare's take that "she did not up and resign on her 

As just an observer from afar, I liked Lila and thought she was doing a good 
job. She hired a child-protection person for one thing. However I've heard 
about the employee poll that said she really was failing to get support from 
the ranks, and I'm in no position to second-guess that. And then a couple 
months ago, she's getting bashed right and left on this very list, with a 
person going so far as to say she should "choke on shame" and "just go away." 
With no objection from the list moderators.Jimbo is going bonkers on James 
Heilman regarding his characterization of "Knowledge Engine." And of course 
Lila was a proponent of that. All the same, her resignation came quickly and as 
a surprise to me.

If the board had no discussion on her future and did NOT ask for or otherwise 
overtly encourage her resignation, it would be easy enough for any one of them 
to say that. If they on the other hand actually did meet or tele-conference and 
vote on it, that's the meeting I wanted minutes for. And obviously (thank 
Risker!) this doesn't mean I want to gawk at gossipy details of trustees 
criticizing her, I just would like to know which trustees gave the thumbs down, 
which didn't, and which introduced the motion. Is this secret HR stuff that 
would embarrass Lila? It doesn't seem that way to me. There've been a dozen 
news stories on her leaving, and none have reported it was on wonderful terms 
all around. So what's the big deal?

Publish the minutes or say "there was no meeting, there are no minutes."

Trillium Corsage

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