Congratulations, WMID!  Thank you to the departing board members for their
years of service.

WMF is looking forward to working more closely with WMID, as we began
discussing at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin last week.



On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 6:25 AM, Isabella Apriyana <> wrote:

> Hello all, I am forwarding an email from Siska Doviana of Wikimedia
> Indonesia:
> Hello Wikimedia Chapters,
> Cc WMID mailing list
> This is my last email to you (to this list), as I am no longer serving
> Wikimedia Indonesia's board and currently being denied access because
> of ASBS. In a separate email you will also find Wikimedia Indonesia's
> annual report for 2015.
> You will receive this email from Isabella, as a request to extend my
> email to the chapter's list. So many things has happened between 2010
> and 2016 (I begin enroll to this list in 2008, out, and in again, now
> out again), and I am proud to see where Wikimedia Indonesia - the
> state that I left it in. Hard work pay off y'all!
> I am happy to announce Wikimedia Indonesia new Board of Executive and
> new Board of Trustees based on our VIII general meeting of member
> taking place on March 19, 2016 [1] - followed by Head of Board
> Executive decision on March 28, 2016 regarding Board of Executive's
> position [2].
> Wikimedia Indonesia Board of Executive 2016-2019
> 1. Biyanto Rebin - Chair Board of Executive (elect)
> 2. Vacant - Deputy Chair Board of Executive (appointed)
> 3. Isabella Apriyana - Secretary General Board of Executive (appointed)
> 4. Farras Daryoctara - Deputy Secretary General Board of Executive
> (appointed)
> 5. Djohan Satria- Treasurer Board of Executive (appointed)
> 6. Rachmat Wahidi - Deputy Treasurer Board of Executive (appointed)
> Wikimedia Indonesia Board of Trustees 2016-2019
> 1. Rinto Jiang - (Chair) Board of Trustees (elect)
> 2. Kartika Sari Henry - Member of Board of Trustees (elect)
> 3. Ricky Setiawan - Member of Board of Trustees (elect)
> Thank you for all the time invested in the organization, when I reached
> out for help, volunteer work, expert advice, council - and showed me
> what leadership is by making a bold example by doing.
> Stepping down:
> 1. Ichsan Mochtar
> 2. Prasetyo
> 3. Panjisakti Basunanda
> 4. Indra Utama
> 5. Hendra Prasetiawan
> Please remove the above access to this list and chapter's wiki, and of
> course, myself.
> 6. Siska Doviana
> Getting to know the new board:
> Biyanto Rebin (email: user: Beeyan
> is a long time Wikipedian and joins Wikimedia Indonesia in 2013 as
> committee for Free Your Knowledge Competition. Graduated from
> University of Indonesia majoring Chinese, he received scholarship to
> perfect his Italian language and studied in Italy for 3 months. He's a
> polygloth, vegetarian, a gamelan player, and a very nice person
> in general. Before joining Wikimedia Indonesia to work full time in
> 2014 for Cipta Media Cellular project, he held various position from
> Human Resource in oil company, cellular company, translator, to
> tutoring. Biyanto attended WMCON 2016 as one of WMID
> delegates
> Isabella Apriyana (email: user:
> 26Isabella
> Joined Wikimedia Indonesia as ex participant of Free Your Knowledge
> wikipedia writing competition. Graduated from Atmajaya University
> majoring in Biotechnology Isabella works for Eijkman Institute for
> Molecular Biology. She attended WMCON 2016 as the other
> WMID delegates.
> Farras Dary Octora (email:, user:Farras
> A dedicated Wikipedian since 2006 and now still studying international
> relations in Airlangga University. He has been member of Wikimedia
> Indonesia since 2014 and an administrator in Indonesian Wikipedia.
> Djohan Satria (, user: djohan
> Graduate from STAN (Indonesian State College of Accountancy) Djohan
> been helping Wikimedia Indonesia with accounting matters (and
> nightmare) since 2013, help us move office three times! Everyone calls
> him pop, and he is the one any of us go to if there's any serious
> matter happening, business, pleasure, or psychological (ha!). He is a
> certified auditor and like to smile a lot, since he is pretty scary if
> he is in his auditing mood.
> Rachmat Wahidi (email:, user:Rachmat04
> Rachmat Acehnese Wikipedian (sysop), Indonesian Wikipedian, winner of
> WMID's wikisource challenge, and Indonesia's representative for
> Wikisource International Conference in Vienna in 2015. He is the head
> of WMID Digitalization project and overseeing eight other WMID
> contractors. He graduated from English literature and all around pretty
> shy.
> Rinto Jiang (email:, user:rintojiang
> Rinto is a long time Indonesian Wikipedian and one of Wikimedia
> Indonesia founders. Currently he lives between Taiwan and Indonesia,
> Rinto is a father, an executive manager and a marketing strategist.
> Kartika Sari Henry (,
> user:22Kartika
> Kartika is a prolific writer, winning the 2010 Free Your Knowledge
> writing  competition she has been writing her way out of a lot of
> things. Currently studying her master in Royal Melbourne University
> (RMIT) her interest is so vast - from philosophical to practical
> things. I wouldn't even bother to write it here.
> Ricky Setiawan ( user:BlackKnight
> Ricky is a long time wikipedian, graduated from management maajor from
> University in Indonesia and he is now working as a marketing for OLO
> Rattan.
> Best regards,
> Siska Doviana
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> Dukung upaya kami membebaskan pengetahuan!
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