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I sent this mail to discuss about adding (or no) Vietnam section into <

In Civil Code of Vietnam, The Article 31 has refers to the use of personal


*Article 31.-** The right of an individual with respect to his/her picture*

1. An individual shall have the right with respect to his/her picture.

2. The use of a picture of an individual must have his/her consent; where
such person has died, lost his/her civil act capacity or is under full
fifteen years old, the consent of his/her father, mother, husband, wife,
adult children or representative is required, unless it is for State
interests, public interests or otherwise provided for by law.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use pictures of other persons to infringe
upon their honor, dignity and/or prestige.

But seem this law only focus about "rights for their photos/pictures", not
"photos about themself taken by others".

Could this law can be considered as a part of our guideline about
Photographs of identifiable?

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Trần Nguyễn Minh Huy
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