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> I noticed Michelle Paulson editing the "Cookie Statement" page, and it
> seemed kind of strange to me because I thought it more a technical and IT
> thing to edit. But Michelle is WMF Legal, right

I won't/can't comment on the rest of your questions but I'm confused about
why you would be surprised here... the cookie statement is, essentially, a
legal statement/privacy policy "type" document (obviously different but
similar) and just like the privacy policy (or access to non public
information or document retention policy or terms of use or other policy
docs along those lines) the cookie statement has been owned by Legal for as
long as it's existed (I can attest to that fact since the CA team was asked
to help put it up for them).

It's certainly possible that this is only 'obvious' to me because of my
knowledge of outside organizations or law but it doesn't surprise me.
Cookie statements are part of the law in some countries (not necessarily
ones we have to follow given our position in the US but Europe has laws
about it for example) and so would usually be within the legal department
for many organizations. Cookies are also closely tied with privacy and the
privacy policy and so compliance and ensuring that the org stays within
their promises would, also, often fall within the legal department (though
everyone should/does have a hand in ensuring they follow the promises the
org as a whole made).

James Alexander
Trust & Safety
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