02.05.2016 5:22 AM "Fæ" <fae...@gmail.com> napisał(a):
> Perhaps we could stick to facts?
> In the very recent case of Arnnon Geshuri, the WMF board of trustees
> proved themselves to be completely out of touch with the
> community.[1][2] 314 Wikimedians took part in the vote of no
> confidence, hardly just "malcontents", and 95% of those that took part
> voted directly against the stated position of the board, who still
> remain happy with their decision to keep Geshuri as trustee,

You must have missed the announcement that he stepped down from the Board.

and have
> not apologized or even changed a single part of their governance
> processes, despite vague unmeasurable offers to look into it.

I posted three items that we're changing in the future recruitment process
quite quickly. Currently we have an ongoing discussion on how to reform the
Board composition, and I hope we will be able to have an open conversation
about these ideas soon (read: before Wikimania).

I'm sure that some people would like the WMF to be more like a Telekom. I
don't think that corporate standards and procedures are the answer, and I
really would like the WMF to be what it was meant to be: a mission-driven,
knowledge organization in NGO/open-source environment, run by passionate
employees in a strong, community- and staff- friendly culture, that
delivers visionary results.

We're far from there yet, but following Telekom standards is not the
answer. The WMF should improve by all means, and it also should be more
accountable - but this is why this year it returns to the FDC process
(which has been one of my priorities to increase communal control), and
that should provide sensible community's feedback.

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