On 2 May 2016 at 15:17, Dariusz Jemielniak <dar...@alk.edu.pl> wrote:
>> Am I right that you were the chair of the governance committee
>> responsible for recommending Arnnon to the board and that you are
>> still in that position? Why are you still involved in the governance
>> process if you were responsible for this huge mistake and the
>> resulting PR disaster for the WMF and Arnnon?
> You are correct - the BGC recommended Arnnon, and I personally had not found
> about the controversy when I was reviewing his files. I stated this on the
> list, admitted the mistake, as well as tried to understand and explain how
> it happened. I also proposed the changes to the future recruitment process,
> which have been introduced.
> My understanding is that I'm still in this position, as the Board has
> assumed that this mistake was systematic, not personal. However, I am not
> tied to my seat, or to my presence on the Board. If the community recalls
> me, I will step down from either the BGC or the Board in general.
> cheers,
> dj

That's great. Please do the right thing and take the initiative to
step down from the volunteer position of chair, so that someone with a
history of excellent judgment on trustee governance can take the
position. Ting Chen for example, the only trustee I can recall that
walked away because he felt that trustees should not hold onto their
seats indefinitely, a move that later resulted in trustee positions
becoming time-limited.

As for your presumptions about my bad faith, the current set of
trustees are super glued to their trustee seats, despite the publicly
excruciating results of the Geshuri vote of confidence and the recent
factual revelations about Jimmy Wales' bullying behaviour that would
result in expulsion, were he a representative from most other
organizations. The WMF board can not rely on an /automatic/
presumption of good faith in the context of this terrible history,
until they earn back the respect that their trustee positions deserve
from the Wikimedia Community; especially the WMF trustees that nobody
but fellow trustees got to vote on and have never been held to

Thanks for your replies, even though you are dropping the mic on
further discussion.[1]

P.S. On Sydney's comment, yes Dariusz is a volunteer. There are WMF
paid employees that support the committee that I would expect to do
most of the hard work of drafting versions and collating research. A
chair must be able to delegate, have a basic vision, and ensure that
the right skills are present on the committee to deliver the targets
as part of that vision/conceptual strategy. As for a new plan, I have
not suggested a super duper detailed plan with schedules and gantt
charts, I'm asking for the most simple commitments and meaningful
deadlines in the process to get there. It's not rocket science, this
could easily have been done within a couple of weeks of Geshuri's
departure when it was most urgent and would have demonstrated that the
board is actually interested in listing to the community, acting on
their ethical failures even when they refuse to admit them in public,
and doing a bit more than deflecting their critics.

1. http://news.sky.com/story/1687620/boom-queen-drops-the-mic-on-the-obamas

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