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> Adam,
> Thank you for providing an informative and accessible answer to Trillium's
> relevant questions. It's truly heartening to see the organization
> in its ability to communicate its intentions, etc. I hope that when broad
> consensus among staff is reached (as you express in footnote [1]), it will
> become an increasingly high priority to clearly communicate that in public
> fora. It really helps when we can understand what others are trying to do,
> and how it aligns with our own ambitions.
> Good stuff. I think this discussion got off to a rough start, but you have
> gotten it back on track, and maybe to resolution.

One of the problems here is that much of the information about how the
Wikimedia sites collect information is so spread out, because different
parts of the WMF have different solutions for different problems (e.g.
Analytics or Fundraising). The mentioned
https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Cookie_statement is a good way to
collect all information about cookies, but I've found myself looking for
good ways to make small updates (e.g. "we were thinking about doing this
thing and were going to ask the communities before we started working on
it, but then we started working on something else instead, but here's the
thing that didn't happen"), so there's less risk things don't get
communicated just because there's no big announcement of new changes to
make. I hope <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T132405> to find a better
solution whenever I get a couple of days when I have nothing that needs my
immediate attention, so that there's a good, natural way to make them.

For anyone who wants to keep track of what's happening with how the WMF
looks at traffic over the last few months, a few links:

(I also try to include changes in how we measure traffic in Tech News
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tech/News>, from which most of the stuff
above have been linked.)

//Johan Jönsson
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