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With regard to "[the WMF board] delivering services that are of a high
> quality", all the metrics that the WMF report show the opposite. The
> WMF consistently fail to meet the performance targets they set for
> themselves, as you can see from the most recent quarterly report, they
> "missed", i.e. "failed", 35% of all their objectives.[3] In the Retail
> & Telecoms businesses I have worked in, a pattern of poor performance
> like this would see speedy major investment in change and improvement,
> including major changes at the board level.
> [...]
> 3.
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Wikimedia_Foundation_Quarterly_Report,_FY_2015-16_Q2_(October-December).pdf&page=5

The explanation for this, is at the top of
: "NB: In a mature 90-day goalsetting process, the “sweet spot” is for
about 75% of goals to be a success. Organizations that are meeting 100% of
their goals are not typically setting aggressive goals."
Note that partial successes are not also represented, if one just checks
the overview result; it's a simple binary system. See the textual notes for
details about partial successes within individual goals.
Plus, not reaching that 75% target of completely-successful goals, is
perhaps also attributable to the intense and widespread stress of that time
Hope that helps.
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