On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 12:43 PM, Lane Rasberry <l...@bluerasberry.com>

> Hello,
> As of now, 13 of 42 eligible organizations have voted in the 2016 chapters'
> election for 2 of 10 Wikimedia Foundation seats on the board of trustees.


A procedural question: Is the chapters' vote binding on the board, or is it
the same as for the three community board seats, where the community
members selected in the community vote are merely recommendations that the
sitting board is free to accept or reject?

If the winners' actually joining the board is dependent on the sitting
board's approval of these candidates, then it's not really a chapter
"election" for those board seats: it would be more precise to speak of the
chapters' vote as a vote to identify chapter-recommended candidates for
those two board seats.

While that's more clunky – if that's what it really is, then I think it's
important that we use language that accurately reflects the process by
which community- and chapter-selected candidates end up on the board.

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