I appreciate that you've put forth this account. That's in no way facetious
or just a pretext, I am actually very glad to see someone speak to this.

I'd like, however, to suggest what would actually begin the process of
healing, since that's your intent. Most of us knew at least more or less
what James was accused of.

First, James needs to be restored to the Board, or at very least, his
restoration needs to be passed as a referendum to the community. Since
you've now posted your side, there's no reason that the community, rather
than the Board, shouldn't decide on James' trusteeship. That needs to
happen now, not at the next election, and it should have happened to start

Second, the Board needs to resolve never to remove a community trustee
except by a successful recall referendum to the community. The Board should
never, under any circumstances, remove a community trustee without consent
of the community that elected them. That was unacceptable and must never
happen again. There will be no "healing" without a promise that it will not.

Third, the "founder" seat needs to be eliminated. Jimmy would be, of
course, eligible to run for a community seat or be appointed to an expert
seat, but he shouldn't be a "member for life". Alternatively, the "founder"
seat could be made into an advisory, non-voting position.

And finally, while this part is optional, it wouldn't hurt for the Board to
increase the number of community elected ( and not "recommended", elected)
seats to a majority. While there's room for "expert" appointed seats and
chapter selected seats (and no, chapter selected seats are NOT community
selected seats), the community should be in control and have a majority,
and the others should be an advisory minority. The community has always
been in charge of WMF projects, and this should continue to be the case.

If you want to actually start the healing process, rather than deflect, at
the very least the first three things need to be done. If you want to
regain trust, all of them need to be. The community needs to be in charge.

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