We are glad to announce our invited speaker lineup and 19 papers accepted
at the wiki research workshop <http://snap.stanford.edu/wikiworkshop2016/> we
will be hosting on May 17, 2016 at the *10th International AAAI Conference
on Web and Social Media* (ICWSM '16 <http://www.icwsm.org/2016/>) in
Cologne, Germany. If you're attending the conference and interested in
Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia research, please consider registering for
the workshop. This is the second part of a workshop previously hosted at WWW
'16 <http://www.icwsm.org/2016/> in Montréal, Canada, in April. For more
information, you can visit the workshop's website
<http://snap.stanford.edu/wikiworkshop2016/> or follow us on Twitter (
@wikiworkshop16 <https://twitter.com/wikiworkshop16>).
Invited speakers <http://snap.stanford.edu/wikiworkshop2016/#speakers-icwsm>

   - *Ofer Arazy* (*University of Haifa*) Emergent Work in Wikipedia
   - *Jürgen Pfeffer* (*TU Munich*) Applying Social Network Analysis
   Metrics to Large-Scale Hyperlinked Data
   - *Martin Potthast* (*Universität Weimar*) Wikipedia Text Mining:
   Uncovering Quality and Reuse
   - *Fabian Suchanek* (*Télécom ParisTech*) A Hitchhiker's Guide to
   - *Claudia Wagner* (*GESIS*) Gender Inequalities in Wikipedia

Accepted papers <http://snap.stanford.edu/wikiworkshop2016/#papers-icwsm>

   - *Yashaswi Pochampally, Kamalakar Karlapalem and Navya Yarrabelly*
   Semi-Supervised Automatic Generation of Wikipedia Articles for Named
   - *Joan Guisado-Gámez, Josep Lluís Larriba-Pey, David Tamayo and Jordi
   ENRICH: A Query Expansion Service Powered by Wikipedia Graph Structure
   - *Ioannis Protonotarios, Vasiliki Sarimpei and Jahna Otterbacher*
   Similar Gaps, Different Origins? Women Readers and Editors at Greek
*Sven Heimbuch and Daniel Bodemer *Wiki Editors' Acceptance of Additional
   Guidance on Talk Pages
   - *Yerali Gandica, Renaud Lambiotte and Timoteo Carletti*
   What Can Wikipedia Tell Us about the Global or Local Character of
   - *Andreas Spitz, Vaibhav Dixit, Ludwig Richter, Michael Gertz and
   Johanna Geiß*
   State of the Union: A Data Consumer's Perspective on Wikidata and Its
   Properties for the Classification and Resolution of Entities
   - *Finn Årup Nielsen*
   Literature, Geolocation and Wikidata
   - *Ana Freire, Matteo Manca, Diego Saez-Trumper, David Laniado, Ilaria
   Bordino, Francesco Gullo and Andreas Kaltenbrunner*
   Graph-Based Breaking News Detection on Wikipedia
   - *Alexander Dallmann, Thomas Niebler, Florian Lemmerich and Andreas
   Extracting Semantics from Random Walks on Wikipedia: Comparing Learning
   and Counting Methods
   - *Arpit Merchant, Darshit Shah and Navjyoti Singh*
   In Wikipedia We Trust: A Case Study
   - *Thomas Palomares, Youssef Ahres, Juhana Kangaspunta and Christopher
   Wikipedia Knowledge Graph with DeepDive
   - *Lu Xiao*
   Hidden Gems in the Wikipedia Discussions: The Wikipedians' Rationales
   - *Sooyoung Kim and Alice Oh*
   Topical Interest and Degree of Involvement of Bilingual Editors in
   - *Lambert Heller, Ina Blümel, Simone Cartellieri and Christian Wartena*
   A Proposed Solution for Discovery of Reusable Technology Pictures Using
   Textmining of Surrounding Article Text, Based on the Infrastructure of
   Wikidata, Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons
   - *Behzad Tabibian, Mehrdad Farajtabar, Isabel Valera, Le Song, Bernhard
   Schölkopf and Manuel Gomez Rodriguez*
   On the Reliability of Information and Trustworthiness of Web Sources in
   - *Ruth Garcia Gavilanes, Milena Tsvetkova and Taha Yasseri*
   Collective Remembering in Wikipedia: The Case of Aircraft Crashes
   - *Elena Labzina*
   The Political Salience Dynamics and Users' Interaction Using the Example
   of Wikipedia within the Authoritarian Regime Context
   - *Fabian Flöck and Maribel Acosta*
   WikiLayers – A Visual Platform for Analyzing Content Evolution and
   Editing Dynamics in Wikipedia
   - *Olga Zagarova, Tatiana Sennikova, Claudia Wagner and Fabian Flöck*
   Cultural Relation Mining on Wikipedia: Beyond Culinary Analysis

 OrganizersBob West, *Stanford University & Wikimedia Foundation*Leila
Zia, *Wikimedia
Foundation*Dario Taraborelli, *Wikimedia Foundation*Jure Leskovec, *Stanford
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