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> Hoi,
> I wonder what you mean by doing better. Are you doing your best given the
> circumstances? If so you do what can be expected of you. When people think
> that is not enough, it is their problem. They are not in the same position
> and have no genuine grasp what the situation is.

I mean that I believe in continuous improvement, and always trying to do

> In the way that your inform about the issues you are dealing with it is
> obvious that a lot of consultation is taking place. It is why I am happy
> with your effort. I dare anyone to do better and be a candidate for the
> next elections.Only people who bring positive suggestions at this time are
> likely to have a positive impact when they are elected.
> Dariusz, thank you for doing your job. Thank you for all the effort that
> goes into making a positive difference.

Many thanks, I really appreciate it! It makes this work worthwhile :) All
the best from the FDC deliberations...

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