In light of yesterday's public call for help from one of our editors, I'd
like to share something I wrote last winter.

It's called, Journey of a Wikipedian.

It reminds me of a few things worth stating:

1. We are a community of very real people with deep emotions and human
2. We are deeply invested in this project, so much so it hurts us at times
even if it is also a passion or refuge for many.
3. You never know what someone has been through, or is going through.
4. We all need help at some point. There is no shame in needing help,
asking for help, or receiving help.
5. If you are ever feeling completely hopeless: Wait. Things really can get
better. Talk to someone about it.
6. Mental health carries a powerful stigma. The more we are open about it,
the less that weighs all of us down.
7. If we listen, we can learn from each other.
8. We need to be kind. This is a higher calling than civility, and entirely
compatible with rigorously sharing knowledge.
9. Our movement depends on its people. We are our most valuable resource.
10. We are not finished products. With time, space, support, and
practice--people can, and do, grow and change.

Jake Orlowitz (Ocaasi)

p.s. If you ever see someone in need of help, or are seeking it yourself,
please contact emerge...@wikimedia.org.
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