> How could one participate in the survey? I've just scrolled through past 
> issues of Tech News and did not find any mention of the survey, nor I 
> remember it mentioned in any other place. Was there some way to find about it 
> besides from this list? Which readers are clearly not the most Wikimedia 
> movement representative selection.

Agreed – though it was mentioned in a few other places, it was never
meant to be a huge survey, and we're careful not to base too much of
the development on it. The point was to get some first feedback to
start working, and then gather more once we had something substantial
to show. Rather than gather a lot of information and then build
something, we hope to work with the community all the way through the
process, so to speak.


> It is reasonable to presume watchlists are important for all active
> Wikimedians on all projects, having a self-selected 'user sample
> space' of 87, seems small. I know the survey was mentioned on this
> email list and posted on some noticeboards, but it would have made
> sense to hold open the survey, and send around a couple more notices,
> until a few hundred people took part.[1]

A clarification: the cross-wiki watchlist is not supposed to replace
the existing watchlist. We're building it so that users who like it
and are active on several wikis can use it instead, but only if they
choose to.

//Johan Jönsson

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